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For my first article on EzineArticles, I want to jump straight into the cauldron and try to disseminate some truth about a disease that is by far the biggest modern-day killer of mankind, diabetes. You might well already be sitting there now tutting, shaking your head, and thinking that heart disease, cancer,and obesity are the biggest killers and I can only agree with you, they are, which is exactly why I thought that it had to be this topic that I write about first because diabetes is a disease that is so mired in untruths, confusion and frankly covered in bovine faces, the truth needs to tell as clearly and directly as possible.

I will begin with a gentle, historical introduction, although this will soon give way to details of a deadly cover-up and scandal affecting hundreds of millions worldwide. Often diabetes is categorized as a chronic auto-immune disease, which basically means it is incurable, with the body attacking itself, which for the vast majority of cases is absolutely nonsense. Everyone needs to know the truth about this disease, although sadly the truth will be of little comfort to those already suffering from the disease, although it can help with an effective strategy in dealing with the disease before it erupts into a chronic, deadly symptom. That word 'symptom' might cause some confusion, as there is a very clear symptomatic set of illnesses that diabetes is the ultimate etiology (cause) of. Diabetes in itself is only the first step down a long road of illness, a road that need never have been traveled down. All of which will be made perfectly clear after a historical introduction to the disease.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that prevents any, or enough insulin from being produced or used properly. Insulin is produced in the pancreas, and being required to turn sugar and other foods into energy for use by cells, tissues, muscles and organs, for all the various bodily functions. Without insulin, blood sugar levels get dangerously high, leading to a number of complications.

The word diabetes comes from the Greek, diabase, meaning to straddle, or to siphon, due to the excessive urination associated with diabetes, which is sweet, hence its name mellitus, Latin for sweet or honey, added to its name in 1676. It was recognised as a chronic (incurable) disease by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Indians and Romans, with its name in the various languages translated as 'sweet piss'. The Indian physician Sushrata, in the 6th century BC, associated it with a lack of exercise and obesity. Galen, a second century disciple of Hippocrates, only ever saw two cases, with Hippocrates making no mention of it, possibly as he never saw any cases. The Persian Avicenna (980-1037) recognised two distinct types and treated it with a mixture of lupine, zedoary seed and fenugreek, which is still prescribed today throughout Asia. The Egyptian Maimonides (1135-1204) mentions it is very rare in the colder parts of Europe and more frequent in warmer Africa, where he had 20 cases in 10 years. So therefore its occurrence can be said to be rare historically.

The word diabetes first appeared in English literature in 1425 and the word insulin, was first used by Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer in 1910, derived from the Latin insula, meaning an island, a reference to the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas where insulin is produced (which sounds like a great scenic place for a picnic!). Sir Frederick Grant Banting won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1923 for his work on insulin's role, giving all patents attached to his discoveries freely to the world, so as to not put a cost on health. World Diabetes Day every year is deservedly called Banting Day in his honour and memory. It's just a shame that the truth about this disease has been all but fully covered up since this time and what should have been freely available has made trillions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Diabetes was still so rare at the turn of the 20th century, it was considered no more than a curiosity, accounting for only 0.0028% of all deaths in the United States. Today, over 10% of the US population are on prescribed medication for diabetes, another 10% who have diabetes are considered to have it 'under control' requiring no medication and another 30% who show pre-onset symptoms (which equals an incredible 50%). According to some claims it is already responsible for up to 40% of all deaths in the US, although CVD and cancer are already responsible for 80% of all deaths. Which makes 120%! How is this possible? Well here begins what can only be termed a conspiracy. Please don't go thinking this word conspiracy has anything to do anti-establishment, anarchists or left-wing, dope smoking environmentalists, it actually means to 'breathe together' and implies any collusion of individuals or industries and with diabetes there has certainly been a significant conspiracy.

In the 1950s when Type 2 diabetes was first recognised, it was known as Adult Onset Diabetes, or Insulin Resistant Diabetes, or Hyperinsulinemia. It was seen as a major risk factor, even back then, for all the following - Atherosclerosis, various Vascular diseases, Heart disease, Stroke, ADHD, Liver damage, Impotence, Kidney failure, various Cancers, Obesity, Retinopathy and Gangrene. Today we can add to this list, systemic Candida, poor wound Healing, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Even n the 1930s, all these diseases were seen as symptoms of diabetes. Which is the same as saying these diseases are caused by diabetes. Why is this still not true?

A major reason for this would be that in 1949 the U.S restructured its medical agenda. One of the results of this was the splitting of the symptom sets from diabetes, all to be treated as separate diseases. Thereafter, if a patient displayed a symptom set from diabetes that was a heart disease, the patient was ascribed to a heart specialist, if death resulted whilst seeing this specialist, death would be recorded as heart failure. If the diabetes had caused a problem with the kidneys, the patient would be under the auspices of a kidney specialist, similarly if death occurs whilst seeing this specialist, the death is recorded as kidney failure. If cancer was the result of diabetes the patient would be seen by an oncologist and if death was the result cancer was recorded as the cause of death. This is what is known as the "death certificate shuffle', used to distort the real causes of death.

This took the onus away from diabetes being blamed. Diabetes in the 1930s, was known to be caused by excessive carbohydrate ingestion. Dr Sokoloff in the 1940s clearly saw that diabetes was as a result of carbohydrates forming too high a proportion of the diet. Nothing has changed since then, apart from now we have what can only be termed super-carbohydrates, with a diet that for the vast majority involves eating predominately refined carbohydrates. Sugar and glucose forming dietary inputs definitely do cause an increase in blood sugar, unlike consumption of many saturated fats (such as coconut and grass-fed butter), which does not make us fat, just as the consumption of green vegetables does not make us green. Which of course directly points the finger of blame at the food supply as being the ultimate cause of these deaths recorded as heart or kidney failure. All are complications resulting from the consumption of an inappropriate diet, with a light shining brightly on sugar.

Obesity is the easiest of the entire range of the diseases of civilization (which also includes cancer, heart disease, dementia, depression, ADD and many more) to not only identify visually but also to cure (eat less, move more). It is also unanimously agreed upon as being a result of a poor diet. Today, most of the other diseases of civilization are enshrouded in mystery, both about the causes and cures. In the second decade of the twenty first century, we are less clear about disease than we were in the second decade of the twentieth century.

All of the above clearly implicates diet as being the aetiology of diabetes, Type 2 that is, as Type 1, which affects less than 3% of diabetics (a percentage that is getting lower as more and more people succumb to Type 2) is predominately heritable, although as more research is undertaken, factors such as formula milk, cows milk and artificial sweeteners will be shown to be risk factors also. Here's where the conspiracy comes into play and the confusion begins to creep in, as it is uncertain whether the knowledge has been downplayed as a direct consequence of the meddling from the food and pharmaceutical industries, or whether it's just a coincidence and that when discovered it was kept quiet. I feel certain that the sugar industry has a huge part to play in this as it is of course sugar that can unarguably be a major risk factor in any raising of the blood sugar levels (I will discuss sugar and The Sugar Association in a future article on EzineArticles). Although sugar is not alone, as unbeknown to most of the public, consumption of white flour, white rice, milk and meat also raises the blood sugar levels. Incredibly 80% of the modern diet involves these processed foods, so a raise in blood sugar levels is inevitable with consumption of a modern diet.

The average adult bloodstream has roughly as much glucose as that found in a teaspoon of sugar. If diabetic, this means the bloodstream has another quarter of a teaspoon of sugar in the bloodstream, that's it. This causes the classic symptoms of diabetes to occur - polyuria (frequent, often sweet urination); polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyphagia (increased hunger). This little bit of extra sugar causes these, all in an attempt to eliminate and dilute the excess glucose. Is there any surprise that this delicate balance of blood sugar is out of balance considering the dietary input of today? The average consumption is well over a kilogram everyday of unnecessary and detrimental processed flour, sugar and milk (or a third of a ton a year), much more for many. As diabetes is defined by this increased blood sugar level, there should never have been any confusion about where the blame lies for any increase in the rates of Type 2 diabetes. Incredibly such a simple answer has been deliberately covered-up and there is no doubt about it that this basic information has been manipulated by the food and pharmaceutical industries, with collusion from the governments as one only has to consider the etymology of the word government to understand the true role of a government. Govern means to control and ment refers to mental, the true etymology of which means 'control your mind' and 'to steer mankind'.

The financial implications of dividing the symptom sets had to have been recognised in 1949, as it requires far more staff and finances to run a diabetes ward if this required caring for those suffering from cancer, heart disease, depression, obesity, pancreatic, liver and kidney problems, amounting to 7 wards worth of illnesses, with 7 times the funds required and 7X the number of drugs administered. The logic has become blurred and the initial knowledge that all these illnesses stem from the same dietary imbalance has been lost, replaced with mysterious diseases with little understanding as to how they originate and certainly confusion and ignorance about how to cure them, to such an extent that many of them simply get labelled as incurable, with a whole lifetime's worth of medication required.

Just consider the fact that it is accepted that there is a significant incubation period before these diseases manifest as the incurable diseases they become. This incubation period is no less than the years of eating an inappropriate diet, rich in the processed 6 Deadly Whites (sugar, flour, milk, fats/oils, salt and rice), finally catching up and displaying as cancer, heart disease, depression or obesity. Today, diabetes is seen as a separate disease when in actual fact it is not only the very same disease, it is the mother of the other diseases. Of course the preponderance of carcinogens in intimate contact with us everyday has gone through the roof since the 1930s, making it easy to view cancer as a separate disease, but still in most instances of cancer, if the individuals bodily system was not constantly plagued with excessive blood sugar levels the cancer could not have proliferated, as this increase in blood sugar is the very fuel cancer cells crave and as carcinogens are today omnipresent it's not hard to see why cancer is so prevalent. In individuals whose diet consists mainly of vegetables and whose sugar intake is very low, as is their consumption of processed foods, is it a coincidence that cancer incidence amongst such groups is extremely low? Of course it bloody isn't a coincidence, it's the very reason they don't suffer from cancer, simply because the blood sugar levels are as they should be.

The truth was glimpsed at during the 1960s, when the University Group Diabetic Program (UGDP) looked at what the outcomes were of the differences in varying approaches to dealing with diabetes. Divided into groups, either given insulin in a fixed amount or in varying doses; a group was given the best selling drug at the time, Tolbutamide (later Phenformin also used) and a group who were given merely a placebo. Before the experiment was due to end, Tolbutamide had to be withdrawn as too many of the group taking it had died! The end result was that there was no real differences between the groups (apart from the mortality). Management by diet had worked as effectively, if not better than any of the treatments. The results of this program were not shouted about very loudly, if at all. Getting just a little too close to the bone for the likes of the pharmaceutical industry. If cancer can be seen as a fraud by many leading medical practitioners, then diabetes is one huge step further down the line of deception and trickery, it is nothing but an outright scandal.

It is as a direct consequence of eating the food supplied by the food industry that causes, for the majority of the industrialized world, a glucose imbalance associated with the rise in the incidence of diabetes. It is this glucose imbalance that causes the majority of diseases. When there is an interference with the glucose delivery to the eyes for instance, they can fail, which is the biggest cause of blindness worldwide. The same applies to any change in the glucose in the heart cells, if this runs out, so does the heart. Just as for the brain, a state of affairs that is applicable to many of the dementia type diseases and depression.

The world is addicted to sugar and it is this addiction to sugar that has been a major contributory factor regarding the diseases of civilization. Today, with 80% of the diet being derived from the deadly processed whites, all acting the same as sugar, the result can only be increased blood sugar. Demanding more and more insulin, more than has ever been demanded in the whole of human history. Compounded by the rest of the diet, which is about as bad as that ever encountered by Homo throughout evolution.

In the 60 years since this division of diabetes into its different symptomatic fields, the knowledge of such a division has somehow been 'lost'. As each of the fields began to see more and more patients, they all began to be seen as distinct entities. By letting diabetes run its course and continuing to allow the population to eat substandard processed foods, the symptom sets have run riot. This paved the way for several arms of medicine to be established. Whether done intentionally or not, there was an awful lot of cash involved in this division. It also allowed these new separate medical branches to distance themselves from the inconvenient truth of diet being a possible answer. All the medical industry wants to do is dish out as many prescriptions as possible, certainly not recipes, dietary and nutritional tips. This is because health and the medical world has been completely taken over by the pharmaceutical industry and the only interest of any industry is to make profits. In fact corporate law dictates that the only remit of a corporation is to guarantee profits to shareholders. Which doesn't sound so healthy does it?

This also meant that the food industry was free to continue with its endless production of unhealthy foods. Which was good news for them, as this was where the real money was, in all their processed rubbish. Making it possible for the industry to distance itself further from the problematic, uneconomic, short shelf-life and low mileage that is fresh produce, the ultimate source of health.

Health, contrary to popular belief, is not defined as an avoidance of cancer, heart disease, obesity or many of the other diseases of civilization. What health equals is homeostasis. This is the key, as this balance is critical. The biggest adverse effect on our homeostasis is in the direct inputs that come into contact with our organism. Of which, food plays by far the largest role, followed by the daily ingestion of drugs, we have been repeatedly told are making us better, even though more and more of us are actually getting sicker at a younger age.

As the majority of the population eat a diet that is predominately sourced from the processed Deadly Whites, it stands to reason that the majority can be considered diabetic. This erroneous diet causes constant irregularities in the blood sugar levels and insulin production. It has to be food and pharmaceuticals that are the greatest threat to the general public, particularly as we willingly and happily pay for the privilege of self-administering, such detrimental food and medicine.

There is an increasing amount of research that implicates the medication itself is not only making diabetes worse, it also makes the condition chronic, meaning irreversible (as is the case with many of these diseases of civilization). For instance, many diabetic drugs actually stimulate the damaged pancreas to create more insulin, resulting in a loss of the insulin-secreting beta cells, making the diabetes worse. The beta cells are also damaged by many of the drugs, resulting in the condition becoming increasingly more irreversible the longer the drugs are taken (these beta cells are also irreparably damaged by sweeteners such as aspartame, which will be fully discussed in a future article). Diabetic drugs also increase fat storage and cause weight gain (as the drugs have to do something with the glucose in the blood, usually turning it into fat). Type 2, hypoglycaemic drugs, have been shown to accelerate degenerative diseases, so far the retina and atherosclerosis have confirmed links, other diseases of civilization will soon be added to this list. Insulin injections only compound the negative effect, preventing natural insulin production, easily leading to a situation of excessive insulin coursing around the body. Cancer can take hold where there has been too much unused insulin coming into contact with cells, damaging the cells, encouraging cancer growth.

This is as brief as I could make it. All you can do to prevent diabetes and many of the diseases of civilization is to eat more healthily; eating as many organic vegetables as possible, especially those with the worst incidence of agricultural chemical contamination (such as potatoes, carrots, apples, peaches and broccoli) and do more exercise. These agricultural chemicals will have to be the next ezinearticle I write, because if this article has shocked you, the role of agricultural chemicals in illness and devolution is beyond belief and thoroughly depressing, so I need to find some light and strength to venture down that dark, dirty path.

Healthy food and exercise are the simplest of answers, answers that will help to begin the revolution. A revolution that not only the human race is waiting for, so is the animal kingdom and Gaia. If there is no change the only answer will be devolution of humans, as well as the death of the entire planetary biosphere as we continue living a life disconnected from other humans and Mother Nature.

Having spent the past 8 years researching a series of books 'Evolution to Devolution: The Rise of The Diseases of Civilization' I have uncovered many truths that lie behind health, the food and pharmaceutical industries and much more.

This article has been condensed from the Diabetes chapter in Book 3: The Diseases of Civilization.

Book 1: The 7 Deadly Whites, focuses on the processed food industry, with dedicated chapters on each of the deadly whites, sugar, flour, milk, fats/oils, salt, rice and lies. I am currently awaiting this book to be published.

Book 2: Pollutants, looks at all the pollutants in our world from agricultural, industrial, household, plastics, pharmaceuticals, urbanization, food (additives, preservatives and sweeteners), cigarettes, mercury, electricity and more.

Book 4: Evolution, rewrites human evolution and takes a special look at my alter-ego, the caveman.

I studied archaeology/ anthropology at university, became a music producer and record label owner. Since having children I have concentrated on a question that has always haunted me since university - "If the present hunter gatherers or the caveperson of old didn't suffer from cancer, depression or heart disease, why should we?"

The 4 books fully answer this question and whilst researching these books I have also become a herbalist, nutritionist, trainee urban shaman and cyclist.

If my children are to enjoy our beautiful planet there needs to be a revolution of consciousness, nutrition, economics (returning us to the Greek definition of the word oikonomia 'good household management'), religion and society.

I am an emissary of Gaia and all that I have learnt is a part of the jigsaw that will allow this revolution to occur. Check out my website -

Positive Harmonious Vibrations.. Karl Elliot-Gough AKA The Culinary Caveman

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