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I am a Diabetic - and I am happy and enjoying life. It is odd because I have never been this happier and livelier in my whole life - I guess, thanks to my diabetes lifestyle.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it will drastically change your life. For some it is like a death sentence - especially those whose middle name is Cadbury and has a best friend named Sees. But when you look beyond the disease, you will see a silver lining. You will be forced to be fit and stay healthy. This is the only way to control and manage the disease, and of course taking the medication. Let us see what kind of diabetic life a person will have and its effect on the people around you::

In a diabetes treatment plan, proper diet is the primary factor. It is because what you will eat will directly affect your blood sugar level. If you are with your family, it will be a great adjustment on their part to be eating the same food you are eating. But you can always opt to have your own food cooked if it will be a problem. In doing so, you can try out some low calorie dishes or even diabetic-friendly dessert as a treat.

If you find it a bit hard eating at home, how else it would be if you are eating out? In a restaurant, it is harder to resist food, especially if the people you are with will be eating. Actually, you can eat what they are eating, provided you request the waiter to prepare it with less sugar or less oil. Many restaurants are open to granting client's requests. If you think you will be hesitant to ask those things in front of your colleagues, you can call ahead and make the arrangements.

When there is diet, exercise is also needed. Those two go hand in hand when we talk about being fit. Exercise will help a diabetic to control blood sugar. A good tip for those starting out to exercise is to start slow. Walking is a good way to start, you can do it for 15minutes for the first days and gradually increase. To have an exercise routine, it is recommended to have a fixed schedule, let us say before breakfast or in the afternoon. This will help a lot in sticking to your exercise schedule.

Financial Considerations
Having a diabetes is expensive. You should consider the costs of your maintenance medicines, glucometer, test strips, lancets, insulin and frequent visit to a doctor. If you have medical insurance, your financial burden because of this disease will be lessen.

Physical Changes
Feeling very tired and thirsty are only a few of what diabetics will regularly feel. Diabetic life will also include sleepless nights and frequent urination.

Another thing for those women who has Type 2 Diabetes is that it will have an effect on her sex life. They will have decrease urge for sex and decrease in vaginal lubrication. Adjustments and proper knowledge on the part of the partner is needed.

Diabetes Lifestyle
Some will have trouble coping up with the change of normal to a diabetes lifestyle. Some may even go through depression. You can always go to your doctor and talk about what you are feeling. There will be ways to help you adjust. You maybe referred to a dietitian or counselors to assist you on what you are going through.

Just remember that although diabetes is a lifelong disease, it is a manageable condition and you can still live a long a happy diabetic life.

The author, Dee is a mother and wife and she has a Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - but is enjoying a normal diabetic life []. She is continually studying anything about diabetes and would like to share what she discovers with others who also has diabetes.

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